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Class Representatives

Class Representatives play a vital role in the alumni community. They are instrumental in keeping class members in contact with one another and in keeping them connected to Ballou SHS. Requirements and a list of responsibilities are listed below:

  • Enthusiasm

  • Having a good rapport with others

  • Being able to represent the views of classmates

  • Having a strong desire to maintain the social cohesion of your class

  • Belief in the mission of BAA

  • Willingness to work with and supporting the goals of the BAA

Alumni who take on this role should not necessarily see this as a job for life, nor one that they undertake alone.  BAA Board of Directors will work closely with you to help you achieve your goals for representing your class, as well as in finding a replacement when you decide that you are no longer able to serve.

Class Representative Responsibilities

  • Engage and communicate with classmates to develop class unity and a connection to BAA.

  • Participate in a majority of scheduled quarterly committee meetings either in person of via conference call or other form of meeting tools.

    • Support alumni activities occurring in your local area.

    • Encourage your classmates to keep their contact details up‐to‐date. This can be done online. It is the key to receiving information from the alumni association

    • Work to communicate and encourage fellow alumni to attend alumni and school events

    • Provide Committee Chair with pertinent information regarding fellow alumni (marriage, births, graduations, promotions, deaths, etc.). Encourage classmates to share their news.

    • Assist BAA and the school administration in identifying, cultivating, and involving alumni in areas such as student recruitment, Career Day, internship placement, regional reception hosts, financial support, committee volunteer support, etc.

    • Plan class reunion, or seek to identify a reunion planning committee every 5 years. We ask that you work with the BAA committees when organizing a class reunion, by managing registrations via the BAA website and supporting efforts to raise monies as a reunion class gift to the Alumni Legacy Scholarship Fund.

    • Engage fellow alumni via social media (i.e.; Create/Moderate Class Facebook page)

    • Represent your class in regards to decisions being made by the BAA Board of Directors.

    • Be an ambassador for the school. Help raise the profile of BALLOU.

    • It is through their efforts that classmates remain engaged and connected to Ballou.


For more information on how to become a Class Representative, please email with the subject “[Your Ballou Grad Year] Class Representative.”

The BAA Board of Directors can support class representatives in the following ways:

  • Assist with gathering contact details for all the members of your class

  • E-Blast information to your classmates

  • Include a list of "missing alumni" from your class

  • Publicize your events on the BAA website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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