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President's Message



To the Mighty! Mighty! KNIGHTS Alumni Body:


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your board president.


As incoming president, I have begun working with Ballou’s principal, Dr. Willie Jackson and staff to update our purpose and discuss future directions that emphasizes a spirit of loyalty, professional interaction, mentoring of future alumni, and personal support to assure the continued success of the mission of the Frank W. Ballou Senior High School Alumni Association Inc.


Though my time at BALLOU High School as a student formed the basic foundation for the significant professional and personal accomplishments in my life. I can say with all honesty that being involved as an alumni volunteer in various capacities for the last few years has added an entirely new dimension to my appreciation for public higher education in general, and the special opportunities available through attending BALLOU. My initial experience of being a representative with the primary focus of working on reunions, ultimately led to leadership positions on that body, as well as heightened involvement with and ultimately membership on, the BALLOU Alumni Association Board of Directors. I continue to cherish these opportunities and the good people associated with them who are similarly united in recognizing what their time at BALLOU meant to them.


I guess the major thing I’ve learned as growing age has sharpened my appreciation for how my time at BALLOU critically shaped my life is that no one gesture of support, either finance, through volunteering one’s time or expertise, etc.- is truly “too small.”  It may sound trite, but every little bit does help. BALLOU has an amazingly diverse and large body of talent out here in the “real world,”.  If every alum would consider “giving something back” in recognition of what BALLOU did for them, the prestige of this noble institution would be enhanced well beyond its already well-recognized standing. There are dozens of different ways any alum can step up and help- just check with any board member of the association- or suggest one of your own.


I remain grateful to BALLOU High School because of my fulfilling years as a student here and through my continued affiliations with fellow alumni, and the dedicated Alumni Association Board of Directors and volunteers. Foremost among my goals as the new alumni president is to increase involvement, loyalty and support among all alumni.


Whether from the Class of 1962 or 2018, we all should help BALLOU High School any way we can. We look forward to your continued support of our Frank W. Ballou Senior High School Alumni Association: Get involved. Join a committee. Volunteer at an event. Donate to student scholarships. Finally, consider serving on our board of directors.


This is a great time to be a KNIGHT!   “Once a Knight, Always a KNIGHT!


Lavonia E. Shirley (88)

(240) 766-5442

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